Pembroke Players Japan Tour 2012 - Macbeth

    19:30, Tue 4th September 2012 at Ely Cathedral
    19:30, Thu 6th – Sat 8th September 2012 at The Round Church
    00:00, Wed 19th – Wed 19th September 2012 at Yokohama International School, Yokohama
    18:00, Fri 21st September 2012 at Nigiwaiza Theatre, Yokohama
    15:00, Sat 22nd September 2012 at Yokohama School International Festival, Yokohama
    00:00, Sat 29th – Sat 29th September 2012 at Seikei University, Tokyo
    00:00, Mon 1st – Mon 1st October 2012 at Meiji University, Tokyo
    00:00, Tue 2nd – Tue 2nd October 2012 at Daito Bunka University, Tokyo
    19:00, Tue 9th – Sat 13th October 2012 at Corpus Playroom
    Summer Vacation to Michaelmas Week 1

    Pembroke Players presents PEMBROKE PLAYERS JAPAN TOUR 2012

    ‘Now, the most important thing you should know about real witches is this. Real witches dress in ordinary clothes, and look very much like ordinary women. They live in ordinary houses, and they work in ordinary jobs.’ - This summer, the Pembroke Players will tour Japan with their production of Macbeth. Set in Edwardian Britain, in a country house haunted by the absence of a child, where rocking horses move unprovoked, the clocks forever tick and spirits are ever present, the Macbeths are left questioning who and what they can trust as they sacrifice everything for power.

    The Pembroke Players Japan Tour is now moving into its sixth consecutive year. Every year the Tour takes a high-quality production of a Shakespeare play to universities, schools, and public theatres across Japan. The tour is based in Tokyo but also gives participants an opportunity to travel and perform in locations outside of the capital - previous destinations have included Yokohama, Kyoto, Nagoya and many others.


    Lady Macbeth
    Witch 1
    Witch 3
    Witch 2/Porter

    Production Team

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    Japan Tour Coordinator –
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