VOLES Varsity 2021: That's the Spirit!
    By Riya Hotwani

    19:00, Mon 11th October 2021 at Online
    Michaelmas Week 1

    A new radio musical in collaboration with Oxford University Light Entertainment Society, where Hazel and her two best friends get sucked into a dating simulator game. To win the game (and their freedom), they must pass all the challenges and make someone fall in love with them... Or is it a true test of the power of friendship? A whimsical tale of self-discovery and romance awaits!

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    Hazel Hadley -
    Avery Cox, Son -
    Oliver Branch -
    Bryony Florentine (Bri) -
    Demelza Lockhart -
    Robin, Student 4, Passerby -
    Karen Krincklewhacker, Student 2 -
    Darcy, MD, Student 5 -
    Addison, Timmy's mother, Linda -
    Professor, Director, Daryl, Parent 2, Neighbour -
    Carmen, Timmy -
    Cashier, Cheery Cashier, Parent 1 -
    Luca, Yoga Instructor, Student 7, Postperson -
    Kristie, Assistant -
    Kaiden, Janet, Bodyguard 2, Milly, Student 1 -
    Auditionee, Mr Moore, Café owner, Student 3, Nut seller -
    Meat Vendor, Bodyguard 1, Mechanical Voice, Butler, Cabbage Merchant -
    Balloon Dude, Student 6 -

    Production Team