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Blue/Orange – Producer

19:00, Tue 29th November – Sat 3rd December 2022 at Corpus Playroom

‘Why do you think I asked you to peel the orange?’

‘To see what colour it was inside.’

‘And what colour was it? In your own words. Without any help from me.’

‘In my own words. Blue.’

In a London psychiatric hospital, a patient is coming to the end of his 28 day section time. But when he claims to be the son of an African dictator, and that the orange in front of him is bright blue, his psychiatrists begin to question his unnerving story.

Blue/Orange is an incendiary tale of race, madness and a Darwinian power struggle at the heart of a dying National Health Service.


Hannah Samuel-Ogbu is preparing for

  • Marlowe Arts Show: A Midsummer Night's Dream – Producer

    19:00, Wed 25th – Sat 28th January 2023 at Cambridge Arts Theatre

    ‘Lord, what fools these mortals be!’

    An enchanted Athenian forest becomes home to fairies, lovers and players alike in Shakespeare’s greatest comedy. Magic, mischief and mayhem soon combine in a hilario…

  • Mandem On The Bridge – Producer

    19:30, Sat 1st – Sun 30th July 2023 Venue to be confirmed

    A collection of short stories about human experiences navigating power and acceptance in places of exclusive tradition and prestige.


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