52 Monologues For Young Transsexuals
    By Charli Cowgill & Jack Ward

    21:30, Tue 14th – Sat 18th June 2022 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 7

    Content warning (may contain spoilers) Click to expandClick to close
    use of:
    - strobe lighting
    - materials/liquids which may affect asthma-prone audience members (hairspray, talcum powder)
    - bodily fluids on stage
    - transphobic slurs
    - homophobic slurs
    - flashing images

    staging of:
    - a non-consensual sex-act
    - simulated sex
    - partial nudity
    - simulated birthing

    discussion of:
    - sex (including kink and BDSM)
    - discrimination (including transphobia, misgendering and misogyny)
    - infantilisation
    - paedophilia (only ever implied - never explicitly discussed)
    - infertility
    - pregnancy
    - abuse (psychological and sexual)
    - dysphoria
    - sugaring (a relationship between young woman and older 'sugar daddy')

    mention of:
    - murder
    - drug and alcohol mis(use)
    - (very fleeting mention of) child abuse
    - sex work

    I want this to be a validating experience for you. Can I suck your cock?

    52 Monologues for Young Transsexuals will not be a validating experience for you. In this devised two-woman comedy show, we will take you on a journey from Germaine Greer to Jouissance, from Barbara Streisand to BDSM. Documenting our experiences of love, sex and intimacy as trans women, 52 Monologues promises to be outrageous, confronting and honest.



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