London Cuckolds

    19:45, Wed 18th – Sat 21st June 2003 at Westcott House
    Easter May Week

    Three old bufoons, three wily wives and three young suitors run rings around each other in two hours of Restoration jiggery-pokery. What is the best sort of wife? A witty one, a devout one or an innocent one? For the husbands in 'The London Cuckolds' the answer is none of them - all of them betray their husands. Trees are climbed, balconies are jumped, hapless lovers are wedged in windows, thrust into cupboards and hidden under sheets. With everything from bawdy jokes to cross-dressing, this is a bouncy, saucy, old-style Restoration farce and the first May week garden-show the ADC has put on for over 5 years. Singing, silliness and seduction in the idyllic surrounds of the garden at Westcott House (click for map): The perfect way to start a Mayweek evening!


    Alderman Dashwell
    Alderman Wiseacres
    Alderman Doodle
    Arabella Dashwell
    Peggy Wiseacres
    Eugenia Doodle
    Ned Ramble
    Valentine Loveday
    Frank Townly
    Peggy's Aunt

    Production Team

    Producer/Stage-Manager –
    Assistant Producer