By George Bernard Shaw

    19:45, Tue 4th November 2003 - Sat 8th November 2003 at ADC Theatre
    14:30, Sat 8th November 2003 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 4

    Pygmalion remains today a classic of the English stage. Having had audiences in fits of laughter since its premier in 1914, the play charts how Eliza Doolittle, the common flower-girl of Covent Garden, is transformed by Henry Higgins into a consort fit for a king.

    Yet it is more than a modern fairy-tale. It is part of Shaw’s greatness that he can make us laugh while also making us think.

    The inspiration for Lerner and Lowe's magical My Fair Lady, this production is a chance to re-discover afresh the myth that has fascinated generations, in all its Shavian complexity, vitality and comic ingenuity.


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    Nepommuck and Taxidriver -
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