Autumn In Han Palace & The Soul of Chien'Nu Leaves Her Body

    20:00, Tue 16th – Sat 20th November 2004 at Christ's New Court Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 6

    When Kublai Khan’s armies invaded China from the north in 1280, the arts enjoyed a newly found freedom. Released from the Confucian formalism of the Song Dynasty, the Chinese theatre of the time began to investigate, with increasing degrees of experimentation, the circumstances of its new world.

    Autumn in Han Palace is an early Yuan work, overtly political in its focus with romantic meditations.

    The Soul of Chi’en Nu is a Taoist whodunit investigating identity, love and duty.

    Both plays are part of a distinctly Chinese tradition that forms the heritage of contemporary Beijing Opera.


    Mrs Chang
    Wang Wen-Chu
    Ch'ien Nu (and her soul)
    Chang Ch'ien
    Emperor Huhanye
    Mao Yen Shou
    Emperor Yuan
    Wang Chao-Chun
    Wu-Lu Ch'ung Tsung
    Shih Hsien
    Envoy to Emperor Huhanye

    Production Team

    Technical Director
    Musical Director
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    Costume Design –
    Calligraphy –
    Lighting –