Rostov's House
    By James Topham

    22:30, Wed 3rd November 2004 - Sat 6th November 2004 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 4

    Rostov's house is the winner of the prestigious RSC Other Prize, awarded to
    the best piece of new writing to emerge from Cambridge over the past three

    The date: the 26th of October 1917 and last night, the world revolved. Six
    soldiers of the red army arrive to arrest Rostov, a deputy to the state
    Duma who has been accused of crimes against the people, only to find he has
    'left the house for the theatre'.
    Over the course of one night they search the house, wandering through
    disconcertingly repetitive rooms and as the light changes they are immersed
    in the 'other world' of Rostov, the Revolution and its ideals becoming
    increasingly distant and vague. Love, brotherhood, death, the tsar, French
    novels, religion, the petrifying coincidence of an open window?
    The surreality of the night is brought to an abrupt close as an order of
    execution is issued and each man must decide on which side of the line he
    will stand.


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