By Nick Dear

    19:45, Tue 25th January 2005 - Sat 29th January 2005 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 1

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    This is the amateur world premiere of 'Power'!

    'Power' was premiered at the National Theatre during Nick Hytner's first summer as artistic director. We are performing the first production of the play outside of the National.

    'Power' is Nick Dear's portrayal of kingship and monarchy under Louis XIV. Fouquet is a wealthy and charismatic member of France's seventeenth aristocracy and is close friends with Louis, the new King who chases his brother's English wife one day, and beds her chambermaid the next. This happy arrangement turns sour as Louis' suspicions of Fouquet are enflamed by his mother and his advisors. At turns compelling, wickedly funny, and philosophical on the nature of power as the old European monarchies faced losing their unequivocal position of authority to a system of checks and balances.


    Louis XIV -
    Nicolas Fouquet (courtier) -
    Louise de La Valliere(maid of honour) -
    Anne of Austria (Queen Mother) -
    Jean-Baptiste Colbert (courtier) -
    Henriette (daughter of charles I) -
    Philippe(Due d'Orleans) -

    Production Team

    Director -
    Stage Manager -
    Technical Director -
    Assistant Technical Director -
    Lighting Designer -
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