Nervous Energy presents...

    By Richard Bates

    23:00, Wed 19th – Sat 22nd January 2005 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 0

    This brand-spanking-new musical satires the cult of celebrity and the insatiable pursuit of wealth and fame. With an exiting new score this show tapdances you through the audition process, theatrical corruption and even romance.

    Jane is willing to risk everything to fulfil her dreams of becoming a famous dancer. She will stop at nothing to be noticed. It is only when she steps back and realises that she does not know who she is any more that she reconsiders the price of fame.

    Showcasing an array of Cambridge’s most talented performers, and a full band, Stagefright cannot be missed!


    Production Team

    Lighting Designer
    Sound Designer
    Musical Director
    Stage Manager
    Technical Director