InsideOut Theatre Company presents...

    Alice Through the Looking Glass
    By Based on the book by Lewis Carroll

    12:10, Sat 5th – Sun 6th August 2006 at Pleasance, Edinburgh Fringe
    12:10, Tue 8th – Sun 13th August 2006 at Pleasance, Edinburgh Fringe
    12:10, Tue 15th – Sun 20th August 2006 at Pleasance, Edinburgh Fringe
    12:10, Tue 22nd – Mon 28th August 2006 at Pleasance, Edinburgh Fringe
    Summer Vacation

    'It's a great huge game of chess that's being played - all over the world - if this is the world at all,you know. Oh, what fun it is!"

    In the world through the Looking-Glass, flowers talk, books are written backwards, trains jump over rivers and no-one will be sensible. Alice argues, cajoles and wonders her way across the chess-board land in her quest to become queen, but will she ever make sense of the world behind the looking-glass?

    InsideOut Theatre Company presents a new exploration of this fascinating, frustrating and captivating story, using vibrant projected images to create a world where the colours are brighter, the sounds louder, and the logic sillier. The cast will play tricks on us by filling the stage with doubles; Red Queen, White Queen, Tweedledurn, Tweedledee, even Alice will be played by two actresses, allowing her to vanish and reappear at impossible speed. This stunningly beautiful production will electrify children and adults alike.


    Looking-Glass Alice / Master of the Trains / Fawn
    Red Queen / Humpty Dumpy
    Gnat / Tweedledum
    Tweedledee / White Knight
    White Queen / Sheep / White King

    Production Team

    Director ,
    Lighting designer
    Sound and music designer –
    Stage Manager