Be My Baby
    By Amanda Whittington

    23:00, Wed 15th February 2006 - Sat 18th February 2006 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 4

    Will someone be my baby?

    1. An age famous for its vibrancy, liberation and free love. But in a lonely corner of England a group of young women struggle desperately to live with a terrible secret. A forgotten few isolated from a society that’s ashamed of them.

    'Be my baby' is the tragically real story of young illegitimate mothers exiled by their own families who were simply too scared of what other people would think.

    Poignant yet witty, 'Be my baby' exposes the unforgiving nature of a time not so long ago. The hope and determination of a group of girls convinced that they can never hide from the truth, just looking for a way to be happy.


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