Selwyn Mitre Players presents...

    Henry IV
    By Luigi Pirandello

    19:00, Tue 31st January 2006 - Sat 4th February 2006 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 2

    'We've got the scenery, we've got the costumes, we could put on proper shows - history's always popular, and there's enough stuff in Henry IV for several tragedies.'

    An old man falls from his horse during a pageant. When he comes round, he believes he's the medieval German Emperor, King Henry IV. For twenty years, he lives royally in a castle in the air, the characters onstage playing parts in the fantasy.

    But today, a plan is being hatched to shock him out of this 'insanity' and into the twenty-first century. However, just like the Doctor, we start to question how mad this king really is: where does illusion end and delusion begin?


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