Close Knit Productions presents...

    Prometheus Bound
    By Aeschylus adapt. James Topham

    23:00, Wed 14th June 2006 - Sat 17th June 2006 at ADC Theatre
    Easter Week 7

    Prometheus is a rebel from the Gods, scorned by the new King Zeus and sent to the outer ends of the earth to be wracked by pain for eternity. His only sin, that he loved mankind too much. Daring to stealing from the Gods' own hearth, Prometheus takes a single flame of holy fire and flees with it to earth. From that single light human civilisation as we know it began. Prometheus Bound is the story of his rebellion, his imprisonment, and the future saviour who will set him free.

    Returning to the beginning of time, Close Knit Productions present their dynamic, artistically ambitious and exciting take on Aeschylus's tragic masterpiece.


    Prometheus -
    Might/Chorus -
    Violence/Hermes/Chorus -
    Hephaestus/Chorus -
    Oceanus/Chorus -
    Io/Chorus -

    Production Team

    Director -
    Assistant Director/Sound Op -
    Lighting Designer/Technical Director -
    Stage Manager -