Something about life and music...

    23:00, Wed 22nd – Sat 25th November 2006 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 7

    "We took six songs and we made a play about them..."

    Six young people are moving into a shared house on a rainy autumn night. They explore each others ideas and feelings. Topics as diverse as leaving your parents to the number of kisses on a text message are discussed. “Something about life and music...” is a beautifully honest portrayal of life on stage.

    “Something about life and music…” is a daring new piece of theatre exploring what it means to be here and now. You are unlikely to have seen anything like it before – it draws more from naturalistic films from the likes of Richard Linklater and Andrew Bujalski than from any theatrical tradition. Melancholic, empathetic and uplifting, this is theatre to enthral and inspire anyone who's ever felt anything at all.

    Soundtrack includes; Ben Folds, Bloc party, Regina Spektor, Dashboard Confessional, Counting Crows, The Shins, Devandra Bernhardt, The Arcade Fire, Eels, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly., Lambchop and many, many more...


    Production Team

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    Stage Manager
    Lighting designer
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