The Third Policeman
    By Flann O'Brien

    23:00, Wed 22nd February 2006 - Sat 25th February 2006 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 5

    A new adaptation of Flann O’Brien’s cult novel, The Third Policeman, brings devilish policemen, human velocipedes and eccentric philosophy to the stage. Follow our one-legged hero as he limps his way through a surreal world of guilt, gags and rap-trap pedals. If you’ve killed a man with a spade or fallen in love with a bicycle, this is the show for you. Sinister smiles, weird words, macabre melodies, curious characters and oiful Oirish!

    MURDER mystery. Hilarious COMEDY. Romantic LOVE. Village POLICEMEN and lots of BICYCLES.


    Flann O'Brien -
    Sergeant Pluck -
    Policeman MacCruiskeen -
    Philip Mathers / Inspector O'Corky / Policeman Fox -
    John Divney / Martin Finnucane / Michael Gilhaney / O'Feersa -
    Pegeen Meers -

    Production Team

    Director -
    Technical Director -
    Stage Manager -
    Lighting Designer -
    Publicity Designer -