Apocryphal Tales Told in the Dark
    By Orlando Reade

    20:45, Thu 2nd – Mon 27th August 2007 at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, C cubed
    Summer Vacation

    A woman sits on the rubbish-strewn streets of a Dystopian London in which the sad, mad and lonely sift through lives entangled in loss, violence and grief. A series of surreal scenes of uncanny familiarity follow and the question is not whether she will survive the rigours of homelessness, but whether she will find a forgiving father. A mother awakes from a terrible dream to face an even more terrible reality; a wanderer finds an abandoned pram in an urban wasteland, an affluent family sit at dinner, unaware of the dreadful prophesy which is writing itself on the wall of their house and two drug addicts await a meeting in which only one will leave alive.

    The play originated in the concept of modernizing the apocryphal gospels of the bible, adapting them into modern settings and forging a new understanding of the role which religion has to play in our society. Thus, the play is formed by six scenarios, which resemble scenes from the Bible, whose fates are entwined, and endings often unpredictable.


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