Boxed In
    By Helen Cripps and Anna O'Grady

    23:00, Wed 16th – Sat 19th May 2007 at ADC Theatre
    Easter Week 3

    Alex is bored of life. Alex is boxed in. Alex doesn't live in a box per se but feels boxed in. You know, metaphorically. If only there was some way to change things. If only there was some way to make life better. Maybe there is. Well, actually, there is. Yeah. There definitely is.

    Explore the unhinged, thrilling possibilities of life as Alex reaches boiling point and breaks out of the box (again, it's a metaphorical one) into the enchanting, misshapen world outside.

    An unashamedly merry and uplifting sketch show from Footlights regulars Helen Cripps and Anna O'Grady, Boxed In will make you laugh, cry (with laughter - it's not sad) and exclaim with delight when you realise how brilliant life is.

    Does any of it really happen? Does it really matter? Who cares for God's sake? If you're not enraptured by the sight of two sombreros and a kazoo, you shouldn't be going to the theatre anyway.



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