Cigarettes and Chocolate
    By Anthony Minghella

    21:30, Tue 30th October 2007 - Sat 3rd November 2007 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 4

    “Gemma was fine. Political.” “She wasn’t political.” “She wanted to adopt a Vietnamese baby outside the Uffizi.”

    Gemma has stopped speaking. Lorna thinks it’s because she’s been sleeping with Rob. Alastair thinks it’s because of his love-letter. Gail wonders how she is going to cope with a baby when her best friend won’t speak and her boyfriend keeps coming to bed in a tracksuit. Rob wants to come round later for sex.

    Minghella’s sharply comic view of modern life questions why silence is such a threat. This onslaught of infidelity, intimacy and indifference will make you laugh, but also make you wonder what we’re doing with all these words anyway...


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