Cambridge University Broadway Savoyards presents...

    The Boy Friend
    By Sandy Wilson

    13:00, Tue 19th June 2007 at Emmanuel College Fellows' Garden
    16:30, Wed 20th June 2007 - Thu 21st June 2007 at Emmanuel College Fellows' Garden
    Easter May Week

    Sandy Wilson's hilarious musical comedy "The Boy Friend" is the PERFECT May Week show: short, witty and absurdly tongue-in-cheek, it provides one and a half hours of pure pleasure in a sunny garden. The Tuesday performance begins at 1pm and champagne will be provided free of charge; Wednesday and Thursday performances are at 4:30pm. Featuring a cast of Cambridge's most talented actors, an array of splendid 1920s costumes and a host of wonderful songs and dance routines, this is the best possible afternoon to spend a lazy afternoon between punts and balls: you are guaranteed to love it.


    Polly Browne -
    Bobby van Husen -
    Madame Dubonnet -
    Percival Browne -
    Hortense -
    Lord Brockhurst -
    Lady Brockhurst -
    Alphonse -
    Marcel -

    Production Team

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