The Boy Friend
    By Sandy Wilson

    13:00, Tue 19th June 2007 at Emmanuel Fellows Garden
    16:30, Wed 20th June 2007 - Thu 21st June 2007 at Emmanuel Fellows Garden
    Easter May Week

    Sandy Wilson's hilarious musical comedy is the perfect May Week show: short, witty and absurdly tongue-in-cheek! Polly is young, beautiful, sweet - and very much alone. Forbidden to have a boy friend by her domineering millionaire father, she whiles away the hours at her finishing school in France. However, after meeting Tony, suddenly the forthcoming Carnival Ball looks more tempting... until the unexpected attendance of her father himself! Will Polly ever find true love?

    This one and a half hours of pure pleasure in a sunny garden features a cast of Cambridge's most talented actors, and array of splendid 1920's costumes, and a host of wonderful songs and dance routines.

    The best possible way to spend a lazy afternoon between punts and balls!


    Polly Browne -
    Madame Dubonnet -
    Percival Browne -
    Hortense -
    Lord Brockhurst -
    Lady Brockhurst -
    Alphonse -
    Marcel -

    Production Team

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