Bedroom Farce
    By Alan Ayckbourn

    23:00, Wed 19th November 2008 - Sat 22nd November 2008 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 6

    ADC Freshers' Show

    'It's their bed, and they can lie on it.'

    When Malcolm and Kate throw a house-warming party, everything seems to go wrong.

    Couples start swapping partners, a blazing row is going on upstairs, and Nick is bed-bound due to an unfortunate DIY accident. When Susannah finds Trevor kissing an old flame, chaos ensues and reconciliation seems impossible.

    Meanwhile, Delia and Ernest’s’ wedding anniversary is interrupted by a few surprises, also disturbing their special bedtime treat... a large box of pilchards.

    As the classic farce of four marriages unfolds, Alan Ayckbourn's fast-paced comedy allows a glimpse into the private lives of three very different bedrooms, as the couples quarrel, kiss, cry and, ultimately, are kept up all night.


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