By Moira Buffini

    23:00, Fri 8th August 2008 - Mon 25th August 2008 at C+1, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
    Summer Vacation

    An artist, a scientist and a sexpot are coming to dinner. Paige, hostess extraordinaire, is celebrating the publication of her husband's best-seller about the psychological apocalypse. The arrival of Mike, marooned in the foggy lane having crashed his van, provides an unexpected addition to the evening's entertainment. A silent waiter, sourced from an obscure website, completes the picture. Primordial Soup is first on the menu - let the dinner from hell begin. Moira Buffini's wonderful comedy chiller sees blood on the carpet before bedtime.

    The play was made infamous by the use of live lobsters in a week-long run in the ADC Theatre in Lent Term. The lobsters are now heading north, for a ‘second half’ run at the Edinburgh Fringe.


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