Low Level Panic
    By Clare McIntyre

    21:30, Tue 19th – Sat 23rd February 2008 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 5

    'If I could grow six inches and be as fat as I am now I'd be really tall and thin.'

    Jo wishes she could be the object of men's desires. Mary wishes she wasn't. Celia just wants to use the bathroom. Low Level Panic examines in detail the emotions and opinions of three 20-something flatmates in an inspiring journey through insecurity, self-consciousness, and bitterness, eased by an accompaniment of wit and entertaining jokes.

    This one act play is typical of the late 80’s drama of London’s Royal Court Theatre, as it demonstrates the tribulations of these three young women dealing with the issues of personality, partying and pornography. The script offers a wide creative scope for both cast and crew, as the audience is transported from the familiar setting of a bathroom, to the more obscure places of the characters’ memories and thoughts. The combination of naturalistic interaction between the characters, and the more abstract monologues and soliloquies provide an excellent showcase of the actors’ talents, whereas the abrupt transformation from the realistic to the not-so-real affords a fantastic opportunity for the technical side of the production to shine through.

    This engaging production with its mature humour will amuse a later evening audience, and will be sure to be a resounding success.


    Male Voice

    Production Team

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