Rex Futurus
    By Jennifer Blair and Jordan McCrindle

    20:30, Fri 1st – Sat 16th August 2008 at The Zoo Studio, Edinburgh
    Summer Vacation

    "My noble Christian queen, if I am slain, pray for me."

    Travelling through two complementary strands in the life of King Arthur, the characters explore the limits of their romantic world, as ambition, family, honour and love eventually tear it apart. The disintegration of Arthur’s reign, Mordred’s rise to power and the division of loyalties in Camelot are set against a tense equilibrium between the rigid order of moral Christianity and the amoral chaos of ancient magic. The bitterness of the lives of Morgan le Fey and Mordred contrasts the hope offered by Camelot and the romantic beauty of the age.

    Comedy, tragedy, devised and scripted, physical and deeply emotive, this adaptation of Malory's 'Le Morte D'Arthur' is harsh, beautiful and epic. The production will travel to the Edinburgh Fringe for a two week slot at one of the well-known Zoo venues.

    "God does not preside over the duels of adulterers and the low-born, Sir Gawaine, the same way he won’t interfere if a holy man plays a game of dice. "


    King Arthur
    Young Arthur/Mordred

    Production Team

    Assistant Director
    Musical Director
    Lighting Designer
    Production Designer –
    Stage Manager
    Assistant Stage Manager