The Odyssey: The Panto
    By Jill Dye, Laila Tims

    19:00, Sat 15th March 2008 at Emmanuel Queen's Building
    Lent Week 8

    What would you get if you stuck an ancient epic, a feather boa and bedsheets in a blender, and served it with a hint of popular song? THE ODYSSEY: THE PANTO! Prepare yourself for an evening of hilarity with nymphs, goddesses, ugly monsters, manly heroes and quarrelsome deities, infused with a heavy dose of panto convention!


    Achilles -
    Odysseus -
    Somebody -
    Anybody -
    Poseidon -
    Athene -
    Polyphemus -
    Love slave -
    Penelope -
    Eurycleia -
    Ugly -


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