Yellow Moon
    By David Greig

    20:30, Wed 7th – Sat 10th May 2008 at The School of Pythagoras, St John's College
    Easter Week 2

    Premiered only recently in September 2006, Yellow Moon is a script that is still (steaming) hot off the press. It was the play to watch at the Edinburgh Fringe 2007, taking the festival by storm and selling most of the month's tickets within a week. Now it comes to Cambridge to relieve the doom and gloom of Easter term for both actors and their audience.

    The storyline is a modern Bonnie and Clyde tale that charts the trials and tribulations of two young Scots on the run. They head into the Scottish wilderness in order to find his estranged father, but they end up with much more than just a place to hide…..

    Despite its relevance and resonance with a contemporary audience, Yellow Moon is so much more than just its storyline. The action unravels and entangles itself before us through the presence of narrators, who argue, bargain and ultimately influence the overall atmosphere because they too play the characters. An audience member must invest fully in the world that develops before them and in this way the wry social comedy and looming tragedy become all the more believable and true.

    It does away with blackouts, scene changes, set trappings, inauthentic use of props thereby remaining simple, basic and true. This cracking script avoids gushing, instead emphasis lies on the individuals and their environment as well as a direct engagement with an audience through its universal scenarios, its comedy, its self-awareness and its honesty.



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