Cambridge University Broadway Savoyards presents...

    By Lerner and Loewe

    14:00, Tue 16th – Thu 18th June 2009 at Emmanuel College Fellows' Garden
    Easter May Week

    Gigi is being trained as a courtesan by her grandmother and great-aunt, who have high apsirations for the role she will take in society. At the moment, however, she displays none of the elegance and poise required of such a young lady. Yet her tomboyish charm is enough to captivate the attention of Gaston Lachaille, one of the most eligible young men in Paris. Will the two be happily united, or will interfering relatives and pestering mistresses get in the way? And what must Gaston and Gigi do to deserve each other? "Gigi"'s sparkling score and delightful gallery of characters are truly not to be missed- the perfect way to while away the Pimms-soaked afternoons of May Week!"


    Gaston Lachailles
    Honore Lachailles
    Aunt Alicia
    Liane d'Exelmans
    Maitre du Fresne/Dancing Teacher
    Maitre Duclos/Charles
    Sandomir/Telephone Installer
    Jacqueline le Sage
    Juliette de Beautemps/Lucille

    Production Team

    Co-director ,
    Musical Director
    Assistant Producer
    Assistant Musical Directors – ,
    Stage Manager
    Costume Designer
    Publicity Designer