One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    By Dale Wasserman

    19:45, Tue 3rd – Sat 7th November 2009 at Fitzpatrick Hall
    Michaelmas Week 4

    ' flew east, one flew west, One flew over the cuckoo's nest'

    When convicted villain McMurphy manages to cheat his way into serving out his sentence in a mental hospital, utter pandemonium ensues on Nurse Ratched's ward. Cheif Bromden, the supposedly deaf-mute patient, watches as the new addition refuses to bow to the rules and routines that had before been irrefutable, and slowly, as Nurse Ratched's rigid grip on her authority disintegrates, the other inmates begin to regain a sense of vitality. McMurhpy's rambunctious behaviour transforms life on the ward, but at what cost?

    Dale Wasserman's 1963 stage adaptation of Kesey's classic novel brings to life this touching and revelational tale through the juxtapposition of scrutinising action and beautiful soliloquays. In an exhilarating exploration of the human mind and the concept of 'sanity' this production will not fail to engross.


    Nurse Ratched
    Chief Bromdem
    Dale Harding
    Billy Bibbit
    Nurse Flinn
    Aide Warren
    Dr Spivey/Aide Turkle
    Sandra/ Nurse Williams

    Production Team

    Technical Director
    Publicity Designer
    Lighting Designer
    Stage Manager
    Costume Designer
    Sound Designer/operator –