The Heights
    By Jess Hyslop

    20:00, Wed 25th February 2009 - Fri 27th February 2009 at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
    Lent Week 6

    Telltale Productions in association with MadHouse present:

    This is the story of the House in the Wilderness...

    Ambrose looks after his four companions in his House in the Wilderness. They don’t know how they got there, they never have visitors, and they never open the front door. Ambrose makes them soup (which they don’t particularly like), he plays chess with them (which they don’t particularly like), and he takes away their prized possessions (which is what they really don’t like) and strings them up above the dinner table along with a very old, and very special, apple...

    But The Heights has another occupant who is determined to disturb the delicate balance of the household. And, one day, he succeeds – there is a knock upon the door.

    It is time for
    the attic to divulge its secrets
    Punch and Judy to tell their story
    the watch to start ticking
    and the apple to fall...

    Apparently, the Wilderness was not always a Wilderness. And the Wilderness is not all that's out there now.


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