Trojan Women
    By Euripides

    16:00, Tue 16th June 2009 - Thu 18th June 2009 at Peterhouse Scholars' Garden
    Easter May Week

    'This is Troy, but Troy and we, are perished.' Euripides gives voice to the unheard women of a fallen Troy; women widowed, enslaved and forced from their homeland. Hecuba loses herself in grief, Cassandra is driven mad and Helen is finally judged as the root of a ten year war. Trojan Women, the greatest of the classic tragedies, will be performed as originally intended: outdoors in the Peterhouse gardens, May Week 2009.


    Poseidon/Menelaus -
    Athene/Helen -
    Hecuba -
    Talthybius -
    Cassandra/Chorus -
    Andromache/Chorus -
    Chorus -

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