A Night in November
    By Marie Jones

    23:00, Tue 2nd November 2010 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 4

    Set in Belfast during the 1994 world cup, A NIGHT IN NOVEMBER follows Kenneth Norman McCallister, a Protestant Dole Clerk working in Northern Ireland who has quietly discriminated against Catholics his whole life. One Night in November he reluctantly finds himself at a crucial Northern Ireland v Republic of Ireland football match and what he sees there makes him question the very beliefs he was raised with. Join him on his hilarious and poignant journey of self discovery as he challenges the sectarian dogma of his family and friends, leaves Belfast, crosses the border for the first time in his life, boards a flight into the unknown and tries to discover what it means to both Protestant and Irish.


    Kennith McCallister

    Production Team

    Light Designer –
    Stage Manager