Journey's End
    By R. C. Sherriff

    19:45, Tue 2nd November 2010 - Sat 6th November 2010 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 4

    The nature of war never changes, but war always changes the natures of those who have to wage it.

    In the trenches of France in 1918, Captain Dennis Stanhope and his troops have been dramatically altered by their years of constant fighting in the worst conditions imaginable. Whilst still a fine leader, Stanhope finds that he cannot get through the day without whisky. Warfare has shattered his nerves to the point of collapse, yet he still carries on. Until an old school friend arrives in his dugout. Young Raleigh, who looked up to Stanhope as a role model and future brother-in-law, cannot fathom the changes that have occurred in his old hero. And Stanhope is terrified that Raleigh might just tell his family back home about the depths that Stanhope has fallen to. But with the Germans ready to attack any day, will there be any time left for either of them?


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