Julius Caesar
    By William Shakespeare

    19:00, Mon 8th March 2010 - Tue 9th March 2010 at Fitzwilliam College Auditorium
    Lent Week 8

    This production of Shakespeare's tale of conspiracy and murder is perhaps best described as the lovechild of Rome and Alan Clark's Diaries. Dressed in pinstripes, shoulder-pads and hair-gel, our senators show the one thing that's timeless in politics is how nasty is is. We're looking for a mixed cast and a formidable female lead, and are offering a range of parts from very large to very small. If you like politics, plotting, murder, mad old soothsayers or the Joy Division, this is the play for you.


    Caesar -
    Calpurnius/Lepidus/Lucillius -
    Octavius/Publius/Murellus -
    Mark Anthony -
    Brutus -
    Portia -
    Cassius -
    Casca -
    Decius/Titinius -
    Ligarius/Servant -
    Metellus Cimber/Cinna the Poet -
    Cinna/Flavius -
    Soothsayer -
    Messala -
    Pleb/Soldier -

    Production Team

    Producer -
    Publicity -
    Stage Manager -
    Technical Director - ,
    Costumes and Make-Up -