Measure for Measure
    By William Shakespeare

    16:00, Wed 16th June 2010 - Fri 18th June 2010 at Queens' Cloister Court
    14:00, Sat 19th June 2010 at Queens' Cloister Court
    Easter May Week

    When Duke Vincentio leaves the law of Vienna in the hands of Angelo – his notoriously rigid deputy – the city looks like it will be cleaned up for the better. But when Angelo confuses law with justice his harsh penalty starts a chain of reactions that both provokes and captivates audiences of this engrossing drama. What exactly does Angelo want with the beautiful but chaste Isabella? And just where exactly has the Duke disappeared to? ‘Measure for Measure’ is an intriguing tale of power and corruption, lies and deception with the essential comedic elements of dressing up in disguise and a rather simple police constable. Not to be missed …


    Angelo -
    Lucio -
    Elbow -
    Friar Thomas / Messenger/ Abhorson -
    Pompey -
    Provost / Froth -
    Isabella -
    Mariana -
    Francisca/ Mistress Overdone / Minstrel -

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