Triple Loop presents...

    The 24hr Plays

    23:00, Mon 29th November 2010 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 8

    Could you create a play out of nothing in 24hrs? Come see the best theatrical talent in Cambridge do just that. Five directors, writers, producers, creatives & techies along with twenty five actors will form five groups and put on five new plays. This is the Cambridge version of the concept made famous by the Old Vic, which includes among their previous participants: Jim Broadbent, Joseph Fiennes, Josh Hartnett, Rosamund Pike, Kevin Spacey & Catherine Tate. Last year we were treated to some fantastic comedy and poignant drama, some category winners being offered professional jobs after their phenomenal performances. No one knows what will emerge on stage in the 25th hour, but there can only be one overall winner, as chosen by the intimidating judging panel, and you the audience. What will the groups come up with? No one knows.


    Production Team

    Executive Producer/ Publicist –
    Design –
    Lighting –
    Stage Manager