FRESHER The Musical
    By Music & Lyrics by Mark Aspinall, Book by Sally Torode

    19:00, Tue 15th – Sat 19th November 2011 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Michaelmas Week 6

    Freshers' Week: we've all been there. This time with songs...

    Follow the lives of five freshers as they attempt to navigate the highs and lows of that first week of university life. Nervous Hayley is finding it difficult being away from home but there is hope that cheeky chappy Tuc will help her overcome her fears. Posh boy Rupert enjoys playing croquet, but his female counterpart Ally seems less than impressed by his advances. And shy Basil is struggling to find out who he really is... Will rapping about your cat really win you friends? Is Frankenstein or Flo Rida a more appropriate costume for the fancy-dress party? And why are all romantic encounters fraught with complications? With the ‘best years of our lives’- and some of the worst mornings after - re-imagined in musical form, FRESHER! will take you back to those first days of university you wish you could forget.



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