The Movement presents...

    By The Earl of Rochester & Toby Parker-Rees

    23:15, Sun 14th August 2011 - Mon 29th August 2011 at Edinburgh Fringe 2011 - ZOO
    Summer Vacation

    'What makes this pearl upon my pintle's snout?' 'Sure you fucked lately - now your dream is out.'

    'could rival the RSC' The Stage 'uniformly excellent...this gifted company deserve West End exposure' The British Theatre Guide

    The Earl of Rochester's tragicomedy of sexual excess, reconstructed by Toby Parker-Rees ('a defiant & ridiculous figure' The Erotic Review), savagely exposes the baser instincts governing our governors. Live music from Joe Rubini, fine art from Tom de Freston, and pinstripe codpieces. An all-new production based on tribal clowning, theatre of cruelty, and David Cameron's stupid face.


    Bolloxinian -
    Cuntigratia -
    Swivia -
    Prickett -
    Tooly -
    Virtuoso -
    General Buggeranthus -
    Aphra the Equestrian -
    Pockenello -
    Borastus -
    Lady Officina -
    Clytoris -
    Tarsehole -
    Prickett -

    Production Team