21:30, Tue 20th November 2012 - Sat 24th November 2012 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 7

    Burlesque! welcomes you to our Weimar-era, fortune-teller's lair to spend an intimate evening with Ryvita von Teese and her company of charming reprobates.

    Bring the art of burlesque back to its roots of social satire, join us for a dizzying romp through musical numbers, sketch comedy and interactive cabaret.

    All accompanied by our onstage drag band, Burlesque! is a chaotic variety jamboree and a stand-out production in a town where love comes to die.


    Juicy Blue -
    Strong Man -
    Burlesque Recruitment Officer -
    Comedy Doublet -
    Pierrot -
    Freudian Stripper -
    Pringle -
    Galatea Divine -
    Clamella Deville -
    Yellah Shagmarine -
    Comedy Doublet -
    Pole Dancer -
    Jazzy Taptacular -
    Ryvita Von Teese -
    Mein Hair -
    Private Parts -
    The Magical Justine -


    Drums -
    Violin -

    Production Team

    Writer/Director -
    Musical Director -
    Writer/Designer -
    Writer/Director -
    Additional Lyrics -
    Lighting Designer -
    Writer/Director -
    Stage Manager/TD -
    Choreographer -
    Additional Choreography -