For Colored Girls (who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf)
    By Ntozake Shange

    23:00, Wed 14th – Sat 17th November 2012 at Fitzpatrick Hall
    Michaelmas Week 6

    "I found god in myself/and I loved her/I loved her fiercely"

    For Colored Girls is an explosively evocative and daringly innovative piece of drama from American poet Ntozake Shange.

    Combining spoken word poetry, physical theatre, music and dance, Shange's choreo-poem gives a piercingly authentic look at urban life through the brash lens of beautifully unrefined poetry.

    Following the lives of seven women identified solely by the colour of their clothing, the play tackles experiences of rape, domestic violence, infidelity and sisterhood, taking its characters and audience from a place of desolation to the liberating finale at the end of their rainbows.

    A vibrant, lyrical and emotive piece of organic drama, For Colored Girls is a powerful social critique which simultaneously gives a uniquely polyphonic and authentically raw voice to universal experiences.



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