The Music Box
    By Emma Stirling

    18:10, Mon 13th August 2012 - Sun 19th August 2012 at The Vault, Augustine's, Edinburgh
    18:10, Tue 21st August 2012 - Mon 27th August 2012 at The Vault, Augustine's, Edinburgh
    Summer Vacation

    "I dare you to go outside"

    In this bedroom, there are no toys. But Laura wants to play a game.

    The Music Box is a gripping new piece of devised theatre that takes its audience on a journey through guilt, absence, and reconciliation. The three siblings seem inseparable, but the music box contains forces which not even Laura can control – and outside the bedroom door a strange young man is waiting to come inside.

    With music by Rhodri Karim and original artwork by Anna Moser, The Music Box is an innovative and interdisciplinary production that merges poetry, dance and post-dramatic theatre.

    Laura is playing a game.

    And there’s only the music box for company.


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