Dido Queen Of Carthage
    By Christopher Marlowe

    20:00, Tue 12th November 2013 - Fri 15th November 2013 at Emmanuel Chapel
    20:00, Sat 16th November 2013 at The Senate House
    Michaelmas Week 5

    "Haste thee to the Court, where Dido will receive ye with her smiles"

    Far from being a straight translation of Virgil's Aeneid, The tragedy of Dido, Queen of Carthage differs from the beautifully lyrical plays we expect from Marlowe. Instead the raw and poignant language echoes the plays instable setting of a war torn world inhabited by jealous and scheming Gods. Scattered with deception and consumed with jealousy the play centres around Dido’s madly fanatic love for Aeneas. These intimate venues allow the audience to truly experience a world of Greek tragedy where the Gods “control proud fate, and cut the thread of time" in this intensely exciting story of love and desire. "fortune's mean, too mean to be companion to a queen"

    Do not miss out on the most exciting event of the festival, professional director Michael Oakley brings this play to life, by drawing examples between the world of Dido and the world we live in today this piece explores the relevance of Marlowe’s writings to our own lives.


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    Ascanius/Cupid -

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