By Alex MacKeith

    00:00, Wed 31st July – Sat 17th August 2013 at C Venues, Edinburgh Fringe
    Summer Vacation

    The two greatest casinos in Las Vegas are at war. Agamemnon, jailed for ten years on charges of tax evasion, is about to end the feud with a devastating blow: the walls of Troy will fall. But when the dust settles and the king comes home, his triumphal return feels wrong. Clytemnestra is obsessed with a videotape, Elektra lives in virtual reality, and Orestes hasn't been seen in years. Under the brightest lights of the Strip a sickening crime, a bloodline's collapse and the rise of avengers mortal and divine will bring the House of Atreus to its knees.

    In a new adaptation, Aeschylus' trilogy is updated and radically represented. Through innovative use of audio and video media this show takes a new approach to the spectacular nature of tragedy. Revenge has never looked so good.

    After a spectacular run at the ADC Theatre, Oresteia is going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013.


    Chorus Leader
    Watchman 1
    Watchman 2/Apollo

    Production Team

    Director/Writer –
    Stage Manager
    Technical Director
    Costume Designer