Play it again, Sam
    By Woody Allen

    19:00, Tue 5th November 2013 - Sat 9th November 2013 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 4

    Neurotic movie geek Allan Felix escapes into the world of classic films after his wife walks out on him. Humphrey Bogart seems to have a special way with women, and Allan is encouraged to find new love by imaginary conversations with the ghost of his masculine hero. His married friends, Dick and Linda also help out. But after a series of unsuccessful dates, Allan’s quest for love takes an unexpected turn when he finds himself in love with Linda. Play it again, Sam is a show about failed relationships and new hope with a dash of comedy, Casablanca and the seventies.


    Nancy -
    Gina / Disco girl / Barbara -
    Bogart -
    Dream Sharon / Vanessa / Intellectual Girl -

    Production Team

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