Shoot coward! Three plays from Latin America
    By Marco Antonio de la Parra, Carlos Canales, Rodolfo Santana

    20:00, Tue 29th October 2013 - Sat 2nd November 2013 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 3

    Three plays brought to the British stage for the first time, in an evening showcasing the best drama to come out of Latin America in the last thirty years. In ‘Secret Obscenities’, two flashers meet on a park bench in Santiago, and soon discover that they may have even more in common than they initially assumed. Then, in ‘Bony and Kim’, a pair of Puerto Rican criminals inadvertently become media sensations when they start robbing fast food restaurants, only to find out that the life of a celebrity isn’t quite as glamorous as they’d hoped. Finally, in ‘Looking Into the Stands’, a bull takes pity on a hapless Venezuelan matador, and the two strike up a conversation about their respective values, careers and dating prospects.


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