By Marcus Martin

    23:00, Wed 18th June 2014 - Sat 21st June 2014 at ADC Theatre
    Easter May Week

    BRAND NEW COMEDY WRITING. Once-famed super villain Lord Asgoroth and his trusty minion, Minion, awake from their centuries-long slumber, ready to wreak havoc on medieval England. Only, they’ve overslept by 900 years, and have instead awoken in the present day. Can our demonic heroes overcome Snapchat, Tinder, and CRB checks to take on the 21st century, and fulfil their destinies? Probably not. But they’re going to give it a ruddy good try. Inconceivable is a comedy romp through modern life as we know it, as our two pre-historic demons find themselves unexpectedly going head-to-head with new technologies and social phenomena to try and conquer a cynical, self-absorbed Britain, one selfie at a time.


    Minion -
    Intern -
    Receptionist/Voice of Evil -
    Oracle/Ensemble -
    Ensemble -
    Asgoroth -

    Production Team

    Director -
    Producer -
    Stage Manager -
    Publicity Designer -
    Assistant Director -
    Set Designer -
    Assistant Set Designer -
    Film Maker/Editor -
    Costume Designer -
    Head of Props -
    Deputy Stage Manager -
    Co-Lighting Designer - ,
    Production Photographer -
    Writer -
    Chief Electrician -
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