Student film presents...

    Miss Edison
    By David Rattigan

    00:00, Mon 2nd – Sat 7th June 2014 Venue to be confirmed
    Easter Week 6

    The Rorschach Test clearly shows Margaret Thatcher riding a tricycle being chased by King Kong. It’s obvious.

    Who is therapy for? The patient or the therapist? A deranged psychiatrist does his best to treat Miss Edison’s dreams the only way he knows how. With fruit pastilles and a tractor. If Ren and Stimpy had given birth and left their newborn on David Lynch's doorstep, then it would love this four minute short “Miss Edison.” And you will too.

    A new short student film, directed by Matthew Lee (Jerusalem, 4000 Miles), and written by David Rattigan (The Ruffian on the Stair, 4000 Miles), to be filmed June 2-7.


    Production Team

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    Assistant Director ,
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