Fitzwilliam Chamber Opera presents...

    Spirit Harbour
    By Lliam Paterson

    19:30, Fri 28th February 2014 - Sat 1st March 2014 at Fitzwilliam College Auditorium
    Lent Week 6

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    After the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster of 2011, Ayako Hamasaki is displaced from her home and awaits permanent relocation. She reminisces about a Noh play she attended in Osaka, Sesshoseki (The Killing Stone), in which a Buddhist monk exorcises a malevolent stone possessed by an evil spirit taking different forms. It is a play that has a special resonance for Ayako, who has been left emotionally and physically dislocated. Lliam Paterson's 'Spirit Harbour' is an emotional retelling of the devastation that has affected the lives of millions, drawing on Japan's time-honoured theatrical forms and Gagaku court music.


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