Mighty Players Panto: Poison Apple
    By Gaia Fay Lambert and Ella Godfrey

    19:30, Fri 27th November 2015 at Selwyn College, The Diamond
    13:00, Sat 28th November 2015 at Selwyn College, The Diamond
    Michaelmas Week 7

    How do you make a perfect panto? Take a fairy tale (or two), add a spoonful of anachronisms, a sprinkle of cross-dressing, a dash of meta, (and no singing, because that’s way too cheesey and we didn’t have the time or talent to write music), mix it all together in a cauldron and hope for the best.

    In a land far, far away, the King wants to retire. All he has to do first is find a wife for his son (the incorrigible Prince Charming), and he thinks a Ball is the perfect way to do that. What could possibly go wrong? It’s not like there’s an internet entrepreneur with a three point plan to take over the world, right?

    Featuring social media, an anxious Prince Charming and a mysterious incorporation of stepmothers, ‘Poison Apple’ is guaranteed to be at least the second best student panto in Cambridge this Michaelmas!


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