Papercuts: The Madwomen in the Attic
    By Aoife Kennan

    21:30, Wed 2nd December 2015 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 8

    "I’m just the crazy, unreliable narrator of my own story."

    Haworth parish hall welcomes you to their weekly ‘Womens Aid’ meetings, held every Wednesday, six ‘til seven.

    Featuring: Jane, the woefully under-qualified group leader; Tony, who finds sexual gratification in Channel 4 documentaries; Grace, her warden, who sings karaoke every Friday night; Isabel, whose growing baby bump is struggling to fit behind the Tesco till and Helen, who lives in the hall on the hill and always arrives with paint on her fingers.

    See these classic Brontë figures strip off their corsets, break down the attic door and elbow their way in to the twenty-first century.

    A dark comedy.

    Byronic heroes not invited.


    Production Team